Internet Marketing

Online Minsk Corp is the place for Internet marketing solutions. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience in providing Search Engine Optimization, Internet marketing and Business Solutions. Online Minsk Corp, have a flair for business and for the Internet

Our goal is simple: to make the Internet an accessible and successful addition to all businesses. This means making your website attractive and visible to browsers by using natural Internet Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising methods such as Pay Per Click.

As leading Internet marketing specialists in the industry we can help drive more unique visitors to your website. Web marketing is far more complex than simple submissions to search engines. To achieve increased volumes of traffic, your website needs to be engineered for searching: we can help! Welcoming you and your business to the Internet through successful Organic and Paid Marketing.

First of all, what is Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing or Online Marketing? Moreover, what is marketing itself?

Many people when they hear the term “marketing” they think of MLM, and many companies think that marketing means training a few persons and throwing them into the street to sell their products.

These are common mistakes, and marketing is much more than. Search Engine Marketing is growing at a rapid rate. Now people are actually paying for virtual items online approx $1.5 billion each year. That means people are actually spending REAL money on things that have no tangible substance!

As Internet Marketers, our jobs are to optimize clients advertising to maximize revenue with minimal spend. We need to be able to adapt to the market and adjust. Search Engine Marketing is the Acquisition of New Customers that has a proven ROI (Return on Investment), that is low risk to make the sales force efficient. In 2002, 9% of Marketing Budgets were allocated to Search and by 2006 that number increased 750% This shows the importance of Search Engine Marketing and it’s force in the world of business.

What’s the point of an amazing looking shop front that no one can find?

Tomorrow’s successful marketers will learn how to be found instead of shouting at people through pop-ups and obnoxious ads. They’ll know more about people and what makes them tick. They’ll be the ones who can better plan a customer’s interaction with their company and products, giving them the information and resolve they need to move through every step of the buying process. And they’ll plan marketing scenarios rather than today’s buy-and-blast approach.

Tell us: what you are you doing to be ready for tomorrow? It will be here sooner than you think.

(PPC) is the quickest and most measurable advertising method to drive targeted visitors (prospects) to your website.

Internet marketing cost per click is probably one of the most common forms of search engine marketing available online. You will find that the most common types of cost per click used will be Bings AdCentre and Google Adwords cost per click campaigns. You will have to bid for the top position which is always the downside as the need to be above your competition is such a necessity when carrying out internet marketing solutions.

You must be made aware that when doing search engine marketing with sponsored links that you will only receive 2 – 25% of all the traffic. Over time statistics show that a minimum of 75% of all traffic go to the natural listings. On Google the first two pages (top 20) are searched frequently with the third page still a decent position for your website to be situated.

When you use cost per click for your internet marketing you will find that you do at least get quality traffic to your website but the downside is that you will have spent a small fortune getting the traffic. I know of some customers that have spent over five thousand pounds a month to stay above the competitors doing their internet marketing this way.

A recommendation when doing your web marketing with cost per click would have to be advertising with Adwords on Google. You will be on the most popular search engine and can trial campaigns out on a monthly basis until you stumble across the internet marketing keywords that bring the best result for you.

This form of internet marketing could result in a large investment for your marketing budget in the long term. To defeat this form of internet marketing it is essential that you are introduced to the ultimate way to advertise your business with internet marketing – web site design Search Engine Optimization.